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In four days we're moving back into our old apartment lel My bfs boss moved into after we moved out and I hope he left the ricecooker and my swiffer wet jet :I

Also my bf is building another computer so I'll get his which means more space to download and play games again. 
I'm def gonna get F.E.A.R. ( I think he still has it in his library) as it's my favorite PC game ever. I'm gonna try to finish MassEffect..maybe..and also get through DeadSpace 2. Or I'll just draw and write more :,D Speaking of DeadSpace 2, somebody made the good point that the aforementioned fandomslut might wipe her greasy e-vag on Isaac but only for like a month, at the most, before she moves onto some bullshit I don't care about like Digimon or whatever. Before it was like 'lol whatever that shit's stupid anyway' but then DeadSpace and all of my 'no' came out. *facepalms* I knew it was only a matter of time before she sullied something I enjoy. As long as she keeps her marysues and badly drawn smut out of F.E.A.R., Zim, SpaceDandy or HTTYD then fine, slut to your hearts content. 
Those fandoms all have enough MarySues anyway, especially if what my friend said was true about the Hiccup and Tuff pairings. Oi. It was way worse in the Zim fandom and still kinda is. People breaking canon left and right for their MarySues. There is no queen of the Irkens. Period. 
So far no sign of SpacyDandy sues so..that's good. I think people are still too distracted by canon ships for the time being. 
As much as I like HTTYD I've only made one fc, a guy, but a friend made a female to pair with Tuff so I feel better just staying out of the way of that. I hate to make an fcxcanon pairing when friends already have it.

Back on topic though, may or may not have internet when I move back into the apartment. We shall see. We have so much stuff though, Ugh. Fitting it all in the closet was total suckage. I mean..we have a lot of clothes. As for 'stuff' it's mostly our bed, desks, computers and small miscellaneous things. The real problem is gonna surface when my parents move to Panama and all my stuff in their attic needs a place to go :I
Hopefully the bf and I will be in a bigger place by then. 

When we move out he's gonna wanna make weekly trips to Samsclub again ;3; I love their croissants but we don't really need certain things in bulk >_>; I accidentally got a 50 pack of tampons in CARDBOARD applicators. *shudders* 
I wonder if his boss left our plates and cup behind >_> and my pots and pans. 
  • Mood: Unhappy

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