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$10/800 point Fulllbody Lineart
FullBody Lineart $10 or 800 points by Nark0tica
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Chibi Comm Sheet by Nark0tica
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So a good friend of mine has been having an issue with a stalker for a bit of a while now. 
Of course, an attempt to reason with them was made but that didn't work. 
Then blocks were issued to keep them from contacting her further. 
That didn't work either as multiple accounts were made to continue contacting her. It wasn't even all on DA. The person went so far as to contact her via her private Yahoo email and try to pretend to have bought items from her on ebay back in '12 even though the items have only been on ebay for a couple of weeks. 
After all of the blocking an attempts to ignore her, she took things a few steps further with..well
0 by AngelEars
Do I even have to explain? They're PRETENDING TO BE A COP. 
First of all, that horrible grammar..the spelling errors, the lack of punctuation and capitalization, using the wrong words..Also the general lack of how things actually work IRL. 

>A police officer, would not contact suspects and victims via an art site. They would call or visit in person
>A police officer would not reveal evidence, especially on an insecure website/network
>An account made for official business would not have a name like PeaceLover14 with a fairy woman icon nor would it have a gallery folder called "A guardian and a queen" as though they intend on using the account for other purposes. 
>The account is supposed to be run by a male officer who appears to be in his mid to late forties.
Peacelove14 by Nark0tica
>That is a NY police officer. Look at the uniform. Nae is in WA, the supposed suspect is in the Argentines, and the stalker is in Texas. Very. Different. Uniforms. They look nothing alike. The uniforms are not only in different colors, but the headwear is different as well and especially the emblems on them. 
>Police wouldn't take shitty cellphone pics of the evidence. The articles on the eBay listings aren't hardly relevant. Nobody really knows why she's trying so hard to pretend to have bought those things in '12. 
>The upload titles give it away too. Those are not the kinds of titles that would label 'evidence'
>The image of the officer would not be so low quality. If they were to send a photo of an officer, they would send an official ID image. Not a photo they took of their computer screens then uploaded back into their computer. They're not stupid. 
>The so called suspect?…

4 by AngelEars
>Nae would not have to report the person herself nor would she have to tell her local police that her stalker is innocent. The so called police officer has a face and a name so they'd just do it themselves. There would be no need for Nae to do it herself. 
>A police officer would not tell Nae about her stalkers criminal record, guilty or not. 
>A hacker who is skilled enough to pick up an IP of another person or an IP that close to somebody's wouldn't be concerned with finding and using a scapegoat.
>Seems a bit odd that a person from the Argentines would just so happen to target somebody who has a history of stalking Nae, as a scapegoat. 
>An officer would not tell Nae that she publicly humiliated the accused in the way that this person does in the note. That's extremely biased language they just used in that line. Bias an officer from Texas, WA and especially Argentina wouldn't have. 
>A police officer wouldn't bring up Nae putting the accused's name up as it's public information put up by her, herself. 
>A police officer wouldn't threaten to 'keep investigating' if Nae didn't comply. Somebody investigating something like this would have the power to contact the staff and have the journals removed. They would not need to privately note Nae and request the removal of the journals providing 'evidence' to clear the accused. This is exactly the kind of way a regular ass person would go about trying to clear their own name, not an official law enforcement officer. 
>If a police officer really did have all they need to clear somebody, they wouldn't need to ask Nae for anything. They wouldn't need to 'keep investigating' either.

Nae reported all of the accounts they made to keep contacting her. Each time she did, the staff member was able to confirm the account as belonging to the same person and the account was banned. 
Even after she moved accounts, they made the effort to find the new one and continue to contact her there. 

There's more even..a lot more
MY STALKER STILL FOLLOWS ME LMAOSo I had a stalker on DeviantART who created around 8 or 10 accounts just to try and talk to me. Reason I blocked her first account was because she was a HUGE flake, claimed she wanted to buy something then ignored all requests for payment. Liar too.
Now they tried to follow me on Tumblr. Blocked them.
They also flooded my PERSONAL YAHOO with messages. Deleted them without reading and blocked the e-mail.
I swear to god, if she tries to make more accounts on either Tumblr or Yahoo, I will report her for harassment. I have told this pathetic person to leave me alone on COUNTLESS occasions.
So miss, Dalia Ramirez, this is your FINAL warning to step the fuck off.
OH LOOK YET ANOTHER ACCOUNT: :iconkakashifan125:
List of previous accounts;
She decided to h
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